Building Platform Bed Drawers With Lips

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Platform Beds With Storage Drawers

Platform bed drawers are a great way to build stable beds, especially if you want to sleep closer to the floor. Platform beds can be built to contain drawers, or they can be left simple and elegant beds. But if the bed is built with real lips, a mattress can easily slide right out, which can cause you injury.


Determine the dimensions of your bed. For a twin, the bed surface will have to be at least 39-by-75 inches. Saw 2-by-10-by-96-inch timber in two side rails and two cross beams, using a circular chain saw. Saw through the shallow side of wood, as the saw cannot stretch enough to cut 9 1/4 inches deep. Divide 2-by-2-by-96-inch timber into two slat support rails to fit within the bed frame.

Saw 4-by-8-foot, 3/4-inch plywood for sheets that will overlay the slats to spread your body weight over more surfaces. Make a mute joint by juxtaposing end the rails between and perpendicular to the side rails, flush with their ends. Secure each joint with five 3-inch countersunk screws. Attach the slat support rails in place 4 inches from the bottom of the boards, using wooden glue and 3-inch screws placed every 6 inches. Place the center support beam in the middle of the bed, and secure it with wood glue and screws on each end. Lay the slats over the slotted support and the center beam, and nail them in place, using the 3-inch nail. Place the plywood sheet on top of the slats and nail it in place with a 1-inch nail. This should leave a half-inch lip to secure the mattress in place.

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