Chalkboard Paint Ideas For Furniture Amazing Look Stylish

Oct 17th

You will tune that chalkboard paint ideas for furniture. You need to do it because you have been there for weeks, months, going around the idea and at the end. There is a piece of furniture that fits perfectly with what you want to do. In this particular case, we have taken a wooden chest of drawers and used deep green slate paint to see how it looks. And of course we have tested the slate paint, we have painted it with chalk. We have erased it with a cloth and we have repainted. To see if it could grip without problems in our furniture decorated with slate paint. The slate finish paint can be apply on smooth walls, furniture, and wooden doors. It is advisable to apply a sealer primer to the water to prevent the pore of the wood or the wall from absorbing too much paint.

Two Color Distressing With Chalk Paint Ideas

On the other hand, it is not recommend to use over gotelĂ© or texture decorative paints. To know how much paint we need we will have to measure the surface we want to paint with a slate finish. Then, always following the manufacturer’s instructions we can make the approximate calculation. Calculate that you will need two hands and that, if the surface is very porous, it will absorb more paint. To paint our chalk paint furniture techniques, we used a green olive-colored Xylazel paint. That does not smell and can be used even for spaces where people with allergies to paintings will live. All colors in this range have a slate effect and as I said can be used for wall or furniture. It does not carry solvents and is washable.

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To decorate our chalk paint furniture ideas decorated with slate paint we applied two layers of paint. This painting is not very dense, so it is very easy to apply. But again, with a layer is not enough. At least in our case, with a chest of drawers that were already painting, it was necessary to cover the old paint. He used a brush so that the finish was not perfect. We wanted to give it that old slate look and with the fibers of the brush. We were randomly giving the paint. Once we have painted with the blackboard paint, we simply let it dry and we can use the chalk. When we paint with chalk we are leaving plaster on the surface and therefore, we can get staining if we stick to the furniture. It’s a blackboard like that of the school.