Choosing a Furniture Bolt is Not Easy: Read On!

Oct 8th

Furniture bolt – The bolt is often confused with a screw or a nut, and yet it is not one or the other, but all of them. The bolt is an assembly member consisting of a threaded rod and a nut or washer. This type of fastener is widely used in DIY, including carpentry and metal work. Choosing a bolt is not easy, however, as there are different criteria to consider. Here are some tips that will help you select the bolt that best suits your needs. Also find our guides to choose a nut or choose a threaded rod.

Use Bolt

A standard bolt

As mentioned above, the bolt is a method of attachment consisting of a screw with a uniform thread and a nut. The main function of the bolt is to join two or more pieces or to firmly hold a piece in position by tightening. When choosing your bolt, make sure it meets the standards in effect. The NF written on the box means that it meets French standards. For more security and to be sure to use your purchase, even abroad, it is best to select bolt models that meet European and international standards. The standard is not the only criterion to consider when choosing a bolt. When choosing a bolt, make sure that its general characteristics really fit your needs. The shape of the head is the level of security of the bolt, its aesthetic side and of course its ease of implementation.

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The type of pitch or thread

The pitch is the distance between two vertices of consecutive threads. There are two types of steps: not standard or normal and not fine. Normal pitch bolts are suitable for most assembly jobs. On the other hand, the models with fine pitch are to be reserved for particular constraints, requiring a very precise clamping means and a rather difficult installation.

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The dimensions of the bolt

Dimensions are other criteria to consider when choosing a bolt. In general, the larger the diameter of the bolt, the greater the resistance to shear and tearing. Moreover, at equivalent diameters, a bolt that has the largest length is the one that displays the best resistance.

The different types of bolts

Bolts available on the market are not all made of the same material. The material chosen for the manufacture of the bolt determines its quality and must be taken into consideration at the time of purchase. The better the material, the more resistant the bolt is to corrosion. Here is a small table summarizing the different bolt materials and their resistance to corrosion.