Convenient Metal Bunk Bed With Futon

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Futon Bunk For Childs In Home

With the popularity of metal bunk bed with futon in family homes with kids, what’s more convenient for parents and more fun for their kids than a futon bed ? As a handyman who would like to have the idea of ​​putting one of these beds together in one of your children’s bedrooms, you can easily make one that will give you a bed or sofa with a second bed above.

The beds bunk severable that make two separate beds when children grow up and a need for privacy arises. A high bed type mezzanine with a mattress 140 cm. ideal for free space on the ground and install below a desk or a relaxation area. This type of structure is suitable for teenagers looking for a certain freedom. Or small apartments in which the least square centimeter account.

A high bed 3 in 1 (bed / office / storage) . This is not a real bunk bed but a structure with a bed in height that also allows to optimize the space. And that can be modulated according to his needs. Sleeping, work or leisure. of bunk beds with wooden or metal structure? Wood is a strong and durable material that offers excellent stability. It is well suited to small structures for children. Choose solid wood panels, such as fir trees for example. Metal, also strong but lighter, is a good choice for mezzanines.

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