Craft With Furniture Buttons Ideas

Oct 22nd

Furniture buttons – Do crafts with buttons can be a great idea for those who have a lot of these little pieces lying around. Instead of throwing away, try creating useful objects or decorating others that are embarrassing. The buttons can be the raw material of gorgeous pictures to decorate any corner of your home, you know? If you have buttons of all qualities out there, put them together and imagine a pretty picture to recreate with their help. You will need, of course, a surface (which does not have to be a canvas for painting). It can be a paperboard, sulfite sheet, cardboard paper, wooden board, among others.

Wood Furniture Buttons

Also, it is important that you have a frame there, which can also be remodeled with paints or wrapped with fabric. It is possible to invent many images with buttons, be they of a tonality alone or of several colors. Children’s frames are the most successful when it comes to decorating with buttons. And can work well as a frame for the door to the nursery room, the bedroom door   or the interior of the baby. In addition to the paintings, you can use and abuse creativity to invent a decoration on other objects with clinch buttons. You can take advantage of a lot of scraps that you use every day. And even personal items that will look a lot more fun after these DIY tips.

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Continuing in the field of stationery, the buttons can also decorate covers of notebooks, calendars, books, etc. It is a beautiful way to reuse these small pieces to make others even more beautiful and different. It’s a good tip to give as well. Do you have a sewing machine and love to venture into this mode? If so, you can use your buttons to make this item even more personalized. Usually sewing machines come in plain and clear colors, and the color of buttons can change all that. You’ll turn it almost into a piece of decoration!

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You can also use craft techniques with upholstery buttons on furniture that you want to reform. One idea is to customize that closet that you use to keep things sewing, the bench that sits to sew, etc. Then there’s something very thematic and fun. However, any furniture of any material can receive buttons. Leaving some decoration, we enter the world of fashion.  The buttons are also functional when it comes to this subject, being able to participate in jewelry, handbags, pieces of clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.