Decorative Led Chandelier Bulbs

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40 Watt Led Candelabra Bulbs

Led chandelier bulbs – The replacement of old light chandelier bulbs with LED bulbs requires the analysis of various parameters. Including the type of light, temperature and intensity, the measurement of the bulb’s power. These elements are important because LED bulbs have a great variety of power, light temperature and intensity compared to the old incandescent ones.

We have already discovered the unit of measurement of the light produced by a light bulb with respect to consumption in the article on lumens: we now see the equivalence of the light emission between incandescent bulbs and LEDs. For example, for the production of 600 lumens an incandescent bulb of the power of 600 W is necessary. While in the case of the LEDs 12 W of power are sufficient. Learning how to think about light in terms of lumens certainly simplifies the choice in the field of led candelabra bulbs.

In the case of quality and temperature of light, changing from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs presents the same challenge. The incandescent bulb has a standard type of light, while LEDs have much more variety. Remember that the temperature of the light is measured in Kelvin and is always indicated on the packaging of a light bulb and that the lower the number of Kelvin, the warmer the light emitted by the bulb. Learning to read these technical specifications, which we have already explored in detail, allows us to easily choose the most suitable end decorative chandelier light bulbs for our environments.

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