DIY Ideas For The Home Bar Cart

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Vintage Bar Carts

Building a home bar cart with two sideboards or low shelves gives you storage in your kitchen. Restoration of pieces from flea markets or thrift stores can create much-needed storage on a tight budget. It also lets you customize the kind of storage you set in your kitchen. For the storage of utility objects, choose night stands or stands. Cookbooks and attractive display items, use Low shelves.

Take two pieces of furniture that are the same size. Use matching dressers or shelves to create an island kitchen cart. Support the pieces back to back and tie them together. Using a drill and screw, along with the construction adhesive for bonding in one piece of furniture. Lightly sand kitchen cart to scratch to the end and allow the new paint to adhere. Clean the piece with a tack cloth and paint it to match your kitchen. Let the kitchen cart dry overnight.

Lay the kitchen cart sideways and install locking wheels in the lower corners. The rollers on the sides where the two parts, ensuring that the wheel is screwed in both parts are connected for stability. Screw through the existing holes in the wheel assembly and in the furniture. You can also paint over them if you want to hide them from others.

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