Drexel Mid Century Dresser Style Ideas

Oct 9th

Drexel mid century dresser – If you have recently purchased a new bedroom set, or have found an attractive dresser at a bargain price, but do not really need it in your bedroom, reuse it in something else. With a little creativity, you can reinvent a chest of three drawers in a new piece of furniture. This reused piece can be useful as furniture in a variety of rooms outside the room. Re-purpose a chest of three drawers into an entertainment stand. Simply place the closet in a place that suits the flow of your living room, living room, or even your bedroom. Once you have the comfortable set in place, set a TV on top of it and any other audio-visual equipment you may want to use. Use the drawers as storage for DVDs and video games.

Vintage Ideas Triple Dresser

Cleaning wood drexel mid century dresser provides a bright change from the darker woods. Along with the bright white wood color comes the added drawback of dust and dirt that shows better than with dark woods. Cleaning a white wood cabinet is not much different from working in dark woods and when using the same products regardless of the type of wood. Keep the pearl finish on your white wood vanity using certain products and procedures. Spray a lint-free cloth with a powder care product. Fold the cloth and clean the surface of the white wooden dresser. Turn the fabric to expose a clean area as you continue to remove the dust. Moisten a clean cloth with water. Spray a wood cleaner on any stains on the dresser. Rub the stains with the cloth.

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Before preparing to paint drexel mid century dresser, however, remember to keep in mind the following: if you are painting a sideboard previously painted with a darker color, whether you need to remove the old paint before painting again or use more layers of paint so the darker color can not be seen. Cover all vanity hardware with painter’s tape and remove all drawers from the dresser. It is easier to paint the drawers separately, after having painted the rest of the dresser. Sand all surfaces of the dresser with coarse-grained sandpaper. The sand boxes next and place them on a protective cover, away from the dresser. The use of a rag to clean, clean the wood after sanding. Next, sand surfaces with fine-grained sandpaper and clean. Always with the grain of sand do not sand against it.