Ever Heard Talk About Mod Podge Furniture?

Aug 1st

In this page we will see the different mod podge furniture formulas that there are, which one to use in each project and some basic tips .The Mod Podge is a glue, varnish and sealer in one, that is, a varnish-tail for decoupage. The Mod Podge is the varnish-tail manufactured by Plaid, and which is imported from the USA. There are other brands, but Mod Podge is one of the best known. Other brands with products of this type are Decoart Americana, decopatch, Kreul, and even Innspiro and Apli in Spain. To start we show you a video of Plaid where we teach the whole process of decoupage with paper on wood. It’s in English but I explain the basics. The Mod Podge is placed on the painted and dried wood. They apply it with a foam pad.

Mod Podge Vintage

Mod Podge is also placed on scrapbooking or decoupage paper. Place it and run your finger along the edges and center. To make it smooth and without bubbles, a rubber roller passes. Put another layer of Mod Podge on top to seal and varnish. In this step we can use to paste other layers on top. Finally we give other examples of decoupage with Mod Podge on other surfaces. To make this work on other surfaces or get other finishes, more matte or bright, with the brushstroke unmarked or marked, resistant to the weather, or to the dishwasher, or to the washing machine, or with a vintage look, there are different Mod Podge formulas . Below we explain them so that it is easier for you to choose the most appropriate one for each job.

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Mod Pode Original Brillo (gloss)

It is the Mode Podge formula that was at the beginning. Base to water. It remains transparent when drying. To create volume effects, 3D varnish. Use on all surfaces. Not toxic. Ideal to protect puzzles. It can be sanded once dry for a smoother finish. Glossy finish. As it is one of the most used, it comes in different sizes. It can be given several layers allowing to dry between layers. We recognize it by the red label.

Mod Podge Paper Gloss, Gloss

Special for paper with glossy finish. The Mod Podge is perfect for scrapbooking. Without acid. It does not yellow. Long duration for your scrap jobs. To protect your photographs. For paper projects on paper. Not toxic. Not sticky Apply with a brush or sponge. It is cleaned with soap and water when it is still wet. Light green label.