Exactly Designed Loft Bed With Drawers

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Ana White Loft Bed Trundle Idea

Loft bed with drawers – To save space in a small room or studio, the mezzanine bed is the best option. This raised bed allows to keep a free surface on the ground where to create a space adapted to our needs. With its raised bed, the loft bed can accommodate different furniture as a very complete office. In the specific case of this structure, the office does not come completely under the bed but perpendicularly.

Most? This arrangement allows those who use the corner work not to feel suffocated by the low height under the bed. Placed well, the office is also better lit by natural light. The case of the mezzanine bed in a young child’s room is a bit peculiar. Less elevated than usual for the sake of safety, it will be more difficult but not impossible to arrange the available space under the bed. The best solution for your toddler is to create a space for games.

Very design by the shape of its base, this loft bed houses a second bed exactly designed on the same model. Each bed however is completely independent. In this child’s room, the space available under the loft bed accommodates an ultra-complete office area. Corner desk, shelves placed on the side of the bed: with this perfect optimization of space no cm² is lost!

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