Fancy Glass Bar Cart That Can Be Moved To Where You Need It

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Coles Glass Bar Cart

Glass bar cart – Who says that a trolley is only suitable as a bar table? Here you get some different, smart and decorative ideas to decorate with the cool furniture in your home. Scroll down the page and get inspiration on how to use the fancy furniture in your home. The trolley is a piece of furniture that can be use for almost anything. Everything from practical storage to decorative decor.

The trolley works great as a side table or a coffee table in the living room. But can also be used for storing items in the bedroom, bathroom, children’s room or office. The wagon is especially practical in the kitchen, as it is easy to move around in the small home. In the kitchen it can be use as a serving trolley. And as a storage space for all kinds of food, cookbooks and all kinds of other roll able kitchen utensils.

Choose a reel with wheels and get a mobile solution you can move to where you need it. You can use the trolley to move food and drink into the dining table or you can use it for storing utensils and food items. Explore our range and find the kitchen island or the trolley that fits into your home and your needs.

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