Feel Comfortable Metal Bunk Bed Frame

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Full Metal Bunk Bed Frame

Suitable for small spaces, metal bunk bed frame help save space without compromising on comfort too. This type of structure is ideal for children who share a room , at home or at the grandparents’ house during the holidays. Another space saving option: a high bed, mezzanine type , for teenagers looking for a space of their own, or studios quickly congested.

If you do not avoid the hassle of who will get the top bed, please be aware that the bunk bed is not suitable for children under 6 years old . Toddlers will sleep on the bottom mattress. You will probably not escape the chatter and other laughter once the lights off. Some will appreciate these moments of complicity, others will regret a lack of privacy, but for everyone to feel comfortable, there are some things not to neglect.

Bunk bed or mezzanine, there must be a space of at least 60 cm between the top mattress and the ceiling . Take the measurements and choose their location, especially in a sub-slope room . The space must also be sufficient between the bottom bed and the top bed. It must indeed be able to sit without banging your head. Same thing with a mezzanine, we must be able to stand underneath without problem.

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