Great Painting Black Furniture White Ideas

Apr 7th

Painting black furniture white – Surely many times you have found an old piece of furniture and do not know what to do with it … Paint the furniture, believe me you can transform it so much that it looks like a piece of furniture just out of the store. You just need a little patience and painting. If you want to know more, do not miss these ideas to paint antique furniture. If you want to completely change your grandmother’s furniture, then use fluoride paint like this example. It will radically change the furniture and give it a much more modern touch. Also, if you keep the original knobs you’ll have a much cooler vintage effect .

Painted Black Small Desk Hutch

Paint furniture with geometric shapes

We begin with a great transformation. Look what happened what they have done with this old furniture so damaged. The important thing is to clean the furniture well. If there is a broken part, fix it with putty and then sand the furniture well. Remove the knobs to avoid damaging them. If they are of good quality you can clean them well and use them. Now, the moment of color arrives. Use masking tape to give the geometric shape that you like and apply different colors. In the example, they have opted for different blues, white and wood color. Which ones would you use?

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Paint striped furniture

Painting antique furniture with colored stripes is also a great idea when you want to leave the typical comfort zone and give it a great distinction. Imagine a white wall, which does not matter much in the room. Place a piece of furniture painted in this way with a clock on it or a mirror. I assure you that it will become the center of attention of the stay.

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Aged effect for antique furniture

If you notice, most of the antique furniture that comes to our hands are dark wood. You can take advantage of that dark color to make an aged effect with chalk paint. How to do it? First, make sure that the furniture is in good condition and if not, you know … you will have to restore it. Then, choose a nice color that you like and apply the product directly on the furniture. When it is dry, use a fine grain sandpaper and little by little, without making very aggressive movements, remove the paint showing the dark wood color. Finally, apply wax all over the furniture and enjoy.

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