How to Add Spice Racks Cabinet

Jan 29th

There are some different options of good wooden furniture design, but if you want to add a rack there how about spice racks which looks good anyway. A wooden spice shelf in the back of the cabinet door creates a convenient way to view your spices. Typical spice racks are easily filled and can look messy, so find the ideal is difficult. Install a shelf for spices to keep them organized and accessible. You will be able to quickly see what spices are running, making sure to keep them filled.

Spice Racks Food Storage
Spice Racks Food Storage


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  1. Measure the width and height of the inside of the cabinet door. Subtract the inner frame of the cabinet base. Compare this measurement with the spice racks to confirm fit.
  2. Make sure cabinet shelves are not in the path of the door handles. With single drawer type shelves have the option to customize the position of each.
  3. Two mounting screw installed in the back of each of the spice cabinet shelves, putting close. Measure the distance that separates them and mark the cabinet door where each screw should go.
  4. Drill pilot shallow screws, making sure not cross the closet door holes. Add some wood glue to each hole and install the screws, leaving a 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) to slide the finished assembly.
  5. Place spice racks just above the screws that mount vertically aligned. Slide the shelf in the position of the screws. Repeat the process for each shelf.
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