How To Arrange The Distressed Chandelier

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Wooden Chandelier

Mounted furniture with ceiling distressed chandelier support arms, metal lamps can add a rustic look to a room. Making a boring spider looks at the focal point of a dining room or living room creating an imitation finishes using an anguishing method. A chandelier distress will look old and worn. Harrowing from a metal spider is similar to anguished wooden furniture. It only requires a few supplies found in a wood shop.

Lay a tarp or plastic sheet on the floor in a well-ventilated area to collect the falling paint. Get a damp cloth with warm water and mild dish soap. Use a cloth to apply a layer of paste wax to the spider. If you know what areas you want to distress, only paste wax is applied to those areas. Apply spray paint to the entire lamp after the paste wax dries. Choose a neutral color like white. Spray the paint evenly to prevent drips and apply more coats to achieve the desired shade.

Allow the paint to dry before using a wire brush or medium or coarse-grained sandpaper to scratch the areas on the spider wants anguish. The wax helps remove the paint, revealing the metal underneath. Ensure dents in the spider by hitting it with a rubber mallet. Create the appearance of peeling paint on the entire spider by applying a layer of cracked enamel on the base paint and then applying a coat. The base layer and top layer must be contrasting colors.

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