How to Classify Antique Bassett Furniture

Jul 18th

Antique bassett furniture trade is a profitable deal for people who own older furniture. But not all antique dealers are looking at furniture the same way. The definition of antiques varies from dealer to dealer. In general, furniture over the age of 50 is considered to be antique while furniture older than 25 years is expected to collect. When classifying your furniture, pay attention to the historical period of your play and any defining features, such as a special signature or wood.

Vintage Antique Furniture


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Create a worksheet with columns designed for year, style, condition, color, dimensions, details and price. For each row, enter the name of each furniture you want to classify. Check the year of your antique furniture with a receipt or print date item. If you do not have a date or photo, match an item similar to a suggestion period. However, only a professional antique value or museum creator can see if the fabric and wood match antique your time. Name the style of your play, according to the time period, fabric, construction and some details related to antique design. Some antique furniture styles include Gothic, Victorian, Revival and Art Nouveau.

Clean and polish your furniture. Use furniture polish and clean dry cloths. Assess its condition and any shortcomings. If there is a tear or bet, select the condition down from “Like New” to “Good” or “Fair.” Enter the color of your furniture in the spreadsheet. If you have a variety of fabrics or more than one color, use abbreviations to shorten colors, such as “R / W” for red and white. Measure your furniture length, width and height with a tape measure. Write these numbers in feet and inches in your dimensions column. You can also take measurements of drawer space or attached mirrors, but include these dimensions in the details section.

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Add all relevant information about furniture, such as special fabric or wood, outstanding features, ornate carvings, historical value, and other relevant facts. Choose a price for furniture based on ratings from antique dealers and other items similar to your own. Search antique trade forums and websites for information related to your play or judge a price based on the original value is estimated over time and condition. Take photos with a digital camera of each furniture against a normal background in natural light. Name the file the same as the title of the spreadsheet to keep your ratings organized. Snap-close pictures of intricate labels or signatures.