How To Install The Vanity Makeup Mirror

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Where To Buy Impressions Vanity Mirror

Vanity makeup mirror is usually installed above vanities or offices as focal points in bathrooms or bedrooms. A courtesy mirror can also be used for the design; placing the mirror in a small space can create the illusion of a larger space. Wall mounted mirrors are available in many sizes, shapes and designs, to help you during shaving, applying makeup, brushing your hair, or just admiring yourself. It is necessary that the mirrors can install correctly, to ensure the mirror does not fall off.

Make a pencil mark on the wall to signify that the center of the mirror will lock. Weigh the mirror on a scale to ensure your wall can withstand mirror. Vintage mirrors that weigh more than 100 pounds are often too heavy to hang on the walls of modern homes. Measure the distance between the two supports on the back of the mirror, using the measuring tape.

Make pencil marks on the wall where the two hooks are going to be placed, using the measurements of the support on the back of the mirror. The center of the field that you have previously made on the wall should be directly between the two hook marks. Use a level to ensure the marks are placed evenly on the wall. Hammer in two hooks in J in which he made the two hook marks on the wall, using a hammer. Hang the mirror on the hooks.

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