I Am Going To Talk Metal Bunk Beds

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Black Color Metal Bunk Beds

To build your metal bunk beds, you need to start with 2 sets of futons and wood to make your bunk bed frame. Determine the dimensions of the headboard, footboards, buffets and posts you plan to use for your frame. Then, cut them to match the dimensions you created. In the headboards and steps of the bunk beds, drill enough holes to insert the lag bolts provided with the futon frames.

Attach the futon frames to the bunk bed frame using the appropriate size bolts and nuts. If you are using bolts supplied with the futon and are of the wrong size, you may need to replace them with new bolts that fit the holes in the bunk bed posts. When you have inserted all the necessary bolts, washers and nuts, tighten the nuts with a wrench to keep the frames solid.

When you have your futon, bunk frame and ladder firmly attached, sand the ends of the bunk bed boards and ladder boards, apply a primer to the surfaces of these boards and allow them to dry. Finally, apply a coat of paint, stain or sealer and allow to dry. You may need to open a window in the room during drying to allow paint or sealant vapors to be replaced with fresh air.

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