Idea Of King Bed Frame With Drawers

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Brown Ikea Bed With Drawers

King bed frame with drawers – We chose to talk to you today about an idea of ​​interior design which is the bed with storage. Practice is the word that best describes it, but the benefits do not stop there. What is its strongest asset is its magical space-saving power – something precious for those with small apartments. Wardrobes are often too big and, let’s be honest, a bit boring and too simple. That’s why we are interested in bed with storage.

When there is a shortage of storage space in the house, and especially in the bedroom, the ideal is to use the space under the bed. Or space between floor and the bed base, to store the cumbersome business or that serve little. But beware, the idea is not to stuff it all loose, nor to mix clothes, books and DIY materials indiscriminately!

The design often consists of a wooden platform on which the mattress is installed. So simple, is not it? The idea is super convenient also for the nursery. You’ll see pretty bed designs with storage for the little ones – it frees up a lot of space and they’ll have all their room to play, great idea they’ll enjoy! Check our gallery to inspire you!


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