Ideas Of King Bed With Drawers Underneath

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Best Bed With Drawers Underneath

King bed with drawers underneath helps to provide a base frame under the bed, as well as a dresser or just a bit of extra storage space. Building yourself is much less expensive than buying one and allows you to be creative, as you are choosing a color, type of wood and drawer designs.

How to build a bed with drawers underneath, make sure you have the measurements or the mattress that is going to be the one you lay down in the future bed. The motherboard will have to be about an inch and a half larger than the mattress so that the drawers are easily accessible.

Get the drawer boxes first. These can be taken from another piece of furniture, or you can do it by yourself by using four pieces of wood slabs for each drawer, along with a large piece of background. The two side pieces will be a little longer than the front and rear of the drawer. You can screw or glue these pieces together per piece, but the use of screws will provide more stability. For a king-size, use six drawers: three on each side. Start the construction of the base of the bed in which the drawers will slide towards.

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