Ideas To Decorate Vanity Table With Mirror And Bench

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New Vanity Table With Mirror And Bench

For young girls, vanity table with mirror and bench can be a source of great pride and pleasure. Apart from a place to brush your hair, the dressing table can be a place where you can experiment with makeup and play at being adults. When decorating a dressing table, you should involve your daughter in the process and include her ideas.

Paint the dresser of your daughter’s favorite color. Use decorative stickers or paint hand in a special design on the top of the dressing table. It is also possible to use templates to add favorite design shapes of the girl, such as stars or hearts, or create a floral border around the top of the vanity or on the legs of the piece. Cut a length of lace or tulle for the staple around the edge of the dressing table. If the vanity does not contain drawers, choose a long stretch of material to reach the floor to create hidden storage space and improve the overall appearance of the table.

Decorate the table with a vase of flowers to infuse the room with color and natural fragrance. Fill a glass cup of glass or milk with pink roses or hydrangeas for a vintage-inspired look. Place red roses or yellow tulips in a contemporary smooth black glass vase.

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