Interesting Facts About The Foyer Crystal Chandeliers

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Foyer Crystal Chandeliers –   When you think of a chandelier, what’s in your mind? Is elegance and prosperity? If you are like most people, what do you think? Whether it’s slowing down in the ballroom or just walking into a nice living room, we connect lights with wealth and trash. Chandelier in the beginning was a function use to facilitate internal lighting. In fact, if you look at the initial painting and the picture of the chandelier, you will see that it looks like a raw wooden board holding a candle.

Not until France, Louis XIV built a palace at Versailles and decorate with elaborate and decadent chandeliers so that they were associate with the upper class and sophistication (yet if it wasn’t for Louis XIV’s loss, the French revolution might never have happened). Why, are there crystals in them? Well, in glass 1700 made allowable progress to produce lead crystals to develop. This is important in the history of chandeliers because crystals will create the quality of lighting and reflective light needed to better illuminate space.

The heaviest candlestick is located in Istanbul’s Palace. This is a gift from Queen Victoria. The candle lamp is so large that it has 750 lights and weighs more than four tons (reminds me not to stand under a lamp stand – which might hurt if it falls). Although, most of the chandeliers may not be heavy enough, they assume a large amount, and are very careful to attach them safely to the ceiling. Make sure you get a professional to inspect your home to ensure that your candlestick is securely attached to the ceiling structure.

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