Magnificent King Size Bed With Storage Drawers

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Cal King Size Bed With Storage Drawers

There are 3 types, the classic king size bed with storage drawers, the foldaway mezzanine bed and the electric loft bed. The first, the most common, is in the form of a bed of one or two places that integrates or not an office. If this is not the case, you can add one more later. The mezzanine bed can be wood or steel, and you can add a slatted frame.

Regarding the retractable mezzanine bed, also called ceiling bed, it is part of the mobile shelf models. It works with a manually operated counterweight system and is fixed to the ceiling. Instead of sitting on legs like the classic mezzanine. An office can be install underneath. But it should not exceed 120 cm in height, which is more than enough for this type of furniture.

The dimensions of the office mezzanine bed remain standard, 140, 160 or 180 × 200 cm, for a total area of ​​the plateau of about 4 m². Finally, the electric mezzanine bed moves thanks to a motor. And it is also fixed to the ceiling. As it goes up very high and goes down to the ground, you can perfectly fit your office under the mezzanine bed. But you have an interest in having a ladder so you do not have to move your furniture constantly.

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