Make Yourself Pantry Shelving Good storage system

Mar 4th

If you want to have the best kitchen with good storage system, you also should consider well having good pantry shelving that will interestingly decor your kitchen as well. The storage space is an important thing in any kitchen. Add pantry shelving to a closet off the kitchen nook or a supplementary space can instantly increase your ability to store food and supplies.

Pantry Shelving Organized
Pantry Shelving Organized

Please have a circular saw; one miter saw if you have one; a hammer; nails or a nail gun; screwdriver and screws; wood glue; tape measure; one level; A metal ruler; and pencil and paper. Working with solid wood will ensure your pantry shelving a long life with minimal loosening. Measure the maximum width of the shelf that your pantry will. This will determine whether to buy tables 1 8 1 10 or 1 12 (2.5 by 20 cm, 2.5 cm or 2.5 25 30 cm). Note that the timber uses nominal dimensions, so that a table of an inch (2.5 cm) actually measures only 3/4 of an inch and half inch width is less than specified.

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The cabinet design your pantry determine if you build a framework for the pantry shelving , something like the sides of a library, or just mount them on the wall. Even if you mount the shelves on the wall, you might need to frame the sides where the shelves are attached to the bottom. This will give the whole structure an additional support. The shelves can hold directly to the wall using wall brackets.

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