Measurements Of Drawer To Build King Size Storage Bed With Drawers

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High King Bed Frame With Storage And Headboard

King size storage bed with drawers – Measure the width and length of the king size storage bed and use two sheets of 1-inch (2.5 cm) thick wood. To form the top of the bed, please join them. Make sure there is enough space to put drawers under the height of the bed platform. Next, think about the size of the drawers. Calculate within the square meters of the bed the measures to put two or three drawers on both sides and at the foot of the bed.

The maximum length of the drawers near the head and on the sides will be less than half the width of the bed. The back of these will be joined to the center when they are completely closed. Your design includes one or two drawers in the middle of the end of the foot of the bed? So, make the side drawers near the foot of the bed a third of the width of the storage bed with drawers. The maximum length of this drawer will be a little smaller than the one measured from the end of the feet of the bed frame, to the middle drawer.

When all the drawers are closed, the first two sets of drawers will be closed in the middle line of the bed. And the two lateral drawers near the foot of the bed will be closed on the sides of the drawer on the bottom of the feet. The drawer at the foot of the bed will close and you will find the sides of the middle drawer. Making a total of seven drawers or eight if you prefer two narrow drawers at the foot of the king size bed.

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