Metal Bunk Bed, Which Model To Choose?

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Bunk Bed Metal And Desk

Practical to save space, the metal bunk bed can optimize space and easily develop a small room. Which model to choose, advantages, disadvantages and rules of security … Advice to not be mistaken. Security is of course something you can not compromise on. Check that the access to the bed, especially the top one, is secure, and that the building meets European standards.

The ladder (or staircase) must be solid and secure. Children often like to climb to play, it is better to ensure that it will not fall out. Remember to check the quality of the slats, especially for the top bunk. Also make sure that the bunk bed is equipped with a fence on both sides to avoid accidents beasts: it may happen to forget that we are high and fall from the bed in the middle of the night or rising the morning. Prevention is better than cure.

This is another important point. A lack of stability can generate a feeling of insecurity and fragility of the structure. It can also disturb sleep and, of course, make noise with each movement. The classic bunk bed with two beds one above the other or arranged in square. Some even offer a third sleeping option with a mattress concealed in a drawer under the bottom bed.

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