Midcentury Modern Clocks

Jul 29th

Midcentury modern clocks – Modern design in the middle of the century is a hot trend. And a courage design lover has a special eye for retro, minimal and functional features. Modern in the middle of the century enjoyed a massive rise in popularity beginning in the 30’s. And has not left the home decor icon since then – it has been redesigned, refined and reimagined. Also fully interfaced in the way the world interacts with design. One of the most iconic mid-century modern design pieces is the George Nelson Wall Clock, available at Reach Design for $ 395.

Wall Clock Art

Mid century style wall clocks are available in a variety of shapes and materials. With a wide range of designs that fit almost any taste and desire. At the market, George Nelson, architect, designer and writer, gives life to a play of light and almost hypnotic geometries that represents a fresh alternative to conventional clocks: the Vitra Sunflower wall clock. Made of natural birch wood or black and brass ash wood, like all Wall Clocks watches, it is characterized by a high quality quartz movement. The price range from € 975.00. On the other hand, one of the most iconic modern design pieces of mid-century is the George Nelson wall clock, available in Design Within Reach for $ 395.

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Image of: Mid Century Style Wall Clock
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However, the watches arose from the need of humans are located in time. Over the centuries, technological development has provided the reinvention of these accessories, making them increasingly modern and functional. The clock began to be a fixed object, then leaping into the pockets and later into the wrists of men and women. Increasingly modern and functional, it serves, nowadays, much more than seeing the hours. For thousands of years different instruments have been able to measure time. From the Egyptians who divided the day into two periods of 12 hours. And used the obelisks to measure the time according to the movement of the sun. Even the water clocks of Mesopotamia.

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In India and Tibet another timing device, the sundial, was very popular. After all this journey we have stopped focusing on the object itself. Our telephones, computers and electronic devices are in charge of showing us the hours, minutes and seconds in which we live. The watch is no longer a practical instrument and now evolves as a decorative element or fashion accessory. Today in this article, we want to break a spear in favor of mid century modern wall clock. Those that so many joys and so much stress have caused us over the years.