Mirrored Makeup Vanity Ideas

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Vintage Makeup Vanity

Mirrored makeup vanity that both stores your makeup and gives you a great place to put it on. Now that you’ve made a makeup vanity, make it special by putting your hand that is useful and lovely. For a country theme, try to store your cotton sticks and other supplies in old, incompatible cans. Use an antique mirror behind your vanity and baskets to store your cosmetics and other items.

Make your own Makeup Vanity

Making a vanity is one of the simplest DIY home decor projects possible. All you need is a flat surface, something to support it with, a chair or pallet and a mirror. Add a few pieces of fabric to tie everything together, and you’ve got an elegant vanity. To make your own makeup vanity, you need two narrow shelves or storage cubbies of the same height to act as your vanity’s side support. These shelves or cubbies should be wide and deep enough to properly support a top while allowing space for you to pull a chair or stool up, and they should be a comfortable height for makeup sitting.

Add a flat surface that is deep enough to act as a vanity top by re-purposing a scrap piece of wood, or visit your local home improvement store and have a piece of MDF or wood cut to size. It will give your vanity a smooth, nicer look that is easy to clean. Secure your MDF or wood vanity top to your side supports as easy as inserting a piece of non-slip rubber box liner on top of all your side supports before setting up the vanity top. Non-slip rubber box liner keeps your top safe with no nail or screw.

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