Practical Idea For Metal Canopy Bed Frame

Author: calvin | Categories: Bed Frame comments
Upholstered Canopy Bed

Would you like to have a four-poster metal canopy bed frame in the room? I have to admit that it is something that I love. And that seems to me of the most original but clear, not everywhere that type of bed is good. Or there is not enough space to do it. Anyway, I just discovered a very original idea to have a canopy bed without having to put a structure around the bed to hang the fabrics. If you look at the photograph, you can see that on the ceiling, on top of the bed, there is a metal structure, which makes some drawings like friezes.

It is precisely in the border in which the fabrics are placed that later, they fall to the sides of the bed doing the canopy (of course, the fabrics cannot be very heavy, but something light is perfect). Do you like? The truth is that the idea has seemed very original, especially because it is a different way of putting a canopy, giving it a much more current and original.

On the other hand, I love the room, with the game in the two blue for the walls and with details such as the table at the foot of the bed. The whole room itself is very original, with a very chic and innovative style. Take a look! Sure you find more than one idea that fits perfectly with your style, and you can copy it for your home! I’m thinking about the canopy.

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