Should You Tip Furniture Delivery? Read On!

Sep 6th

Should you tip furniture delivery? Have you just acquired new designer furniture or a kitchen, and the furniture store or e traders do not offer after-sales service such as furniture delivery, delivery or home delivery of your private package? And your car is not suitable for the size of your purchases? You will need a home delivery service. Entrust the transport of furniture and your valuables (from your order) to the team of Monte Meuble Service, who delivers your parcel, your shopping (mattress bed from ikea, chiffonnier, sofas and armchairs, office furniture, large appliances, office furniture, china cabinet, fitness equipment, headboard, supplies, designer chair, American refrigerator, shower tray, kitchen worktop, wood worktop and bedding, by hand or at the door via express transport by van according to the time slot that suits you.

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Furniture delivery are a low cost moving company with mainly focus activities in furniture transportation, material handling, furniture storage and parcel delivery. They take care of transporting them safely from the point of sale to the address you indicate. Whether the pick-up point is within a short or a long distance from the furniture delivery point. Your goods will be transported under the best conditions (fare conditions, protection in packing material). Make use of the MMS team, the ideal furniture transport partner if you are looking for an efficient solution for the fast delivery of your furniture. In an intact state until you reach the right place. Your belongings are protect in packing material (packing carton) before loading into the truck.

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In addition to custom-made furniture handling. And protection equipment for your designer furniture. They offer trucks with drivers with different loading spaces. Assuring you professionalism and efficiency, they offer a rental service mounts furniture to facilitate the handling of furniture that can not be transported via the stairs or the elevator. They rent a Brussels lift to protect your furniture. If the room intend to accommodate your designer furniture is not yet ready. They put at your disposal storage boxes storage cabinet.

They take care to place your furniture and fragile items. Such as trinkets in a box for rent at an unbeatable price. Since your designer furniture is so precious to them. They offer you a choice on the rental truck that will transport these. Supplied with a furniture transport agent. They are available rental truck types are those with 28 m3 capacity to accommodate kit furniture that does not occupy a large volumetric space (for small items). And a volume of 45 m3 for larger objects.