Simple King Bed With Storage Drawers

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Cal King Storage Bed Frame

If you want to stage your bed and get it up, go for the stage! There are many models with more or less wide overflow areas and built-in king bed with storage drawers. The choice will be determined by the desired aesthetics and the space you have in your room. Tip: Some have an integrated box spring, but for other models, the mattress is simply placed on the plane. In this case, remember to air and return often the mattress, which breathes less well.

You live in a small space and its layout does not allow you to have the closet you dream of? Calling an interior designer can be a solution. This professional will know how to propose you a customized layout totally adapted to the space and to your needs. Here, the bed has gained height on a large podium that houses a wardrobe-cabin.

No contortion or complicated maneuver: the bed is lifted via a hydraulic system and allows you to stand up like in a classic dressing room. Notice to DIYers! For the bravest, why not make your own bed and incorporate all the re-fits that fit your needs? For an existing bed resting on side uprights head and footboard, it can very well add boards mounted on slides.

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