Awesome Staining Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Mar 10th

Staining kitchen cabinets can be fun and you can see the before after pictures to see how kitchen makeover is just easy and affordable. Whether darker or lighter stain color of kitchen cabinets, it is always a high recommendation to mind about harmony with decor in overall space. Staining your old kitchen cabinets can be very fascinating for better and fresher atmosphere in your kitchen. Well, you can also choose to have the hardware like knobs and pulls to be changed just with a low price. You can do it yourself in staining and painting and refinishing the cabinets and the ideas are just simple.

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There are step by step in how to do staining onto old cabinets that you can follow to make much better value as focal point. The very first step is by removing the doors from the cabinets and then the cabinets from the wall. Before you are doing the removing, ensure to label all doors and cabinets so that you can re-install them in perfectly the correct locations along with the right order. Next up, all hardware to be unscrewed including knobs, hinges and pulls. Make sure to keep them together in a container and bag. Strip the old finish from your doors and cabinets.

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You can have gel stripper applied with a paintbrush to one or two sets of cabinet/door at a time. Let the gel in 10 minutes to sit or until you see the bubbled and softened surface. Then scrape the old surface in the direction of the grain. The old varnish scraped into a container but make sure to wear gloves even if you are working in a well-ventilated area. You can simply scrub any spots that stubborn with steel wool. The stripped surface is wiped down with a rag is dipped in mineral spirits. This is meant to remove any stripper residue. You can simply wipe everything clean by using a tack rag. In order to be more inspiring and supporting you to makeover the kitchen with stain for cabinets, just check the images. You will find them very pleasing since what you can get just by spending low cash.

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