Stylish Mid Century Drexel Dresser

Jul 11th

Mid century drexel dresser – Dresser have hidden secrets and treasures in the open pages of history. But nowadays they have the opposite mission. To highlight the richness of their decoration, stamped in the living room or bedroom. To exploring with great grace and personality the power of an eclectic environment that balances between the contemporary and the vintage. There is no shortage of applications to impose the chest on home decor. Since it has become a versatile decorative item. As with all other furniture, the same applies to the drexel dresser. With a lot of imagination and a little manual skill, she also turns a simple model of Sweden into an eye-catcher.

Vintage Heritage Furniture

With blackboard paint painted the individual dressers of the dresser can marked with chalk, for example.  And with the help of original knobs that are at the hardware store, in furniture stores. For example, if you paint an antique chest of drawers in a brightly colored color, you’ll get a pretty break in style. Vintage drexel furniture is not only good for storing things in it. But also as a storage area for decorative objects, works of art, a mirror or similar dresser are great. Especially in the bedroom , small textiles such as underwear or socks can be stowed well in the drawers of a chest of drawers.

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Whereas decorative everyday objects. Such as pretty cosmetic jars, jewelery or a colorful bouquet of flowers bring fresh air and color into the room. Dressers are perfect for arranging a kind of small shrine with all your favorite items. And even in the nursery, the drexel dresser vintage is a helpful guardian: the various toys can be stored in the various drawers. Mid century drexel dresser is an elegant and stylish dresser. Due to its versatility, it can used as a beverage cabinet. And also can placed both in a living room and in a dressing room.

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This furniture usually dressers for all types of storage suffers from an image a bit outdated although as practical as indispensable. The dresser’s fronts have been painted in cheerful colors and some have been adorned with matte-laminated adhesives with patterns. How to give life to this superb vintage dresser from the 50s with characteristic compass feet of this period? The natural wood is simply varnished in matte finish and the tray and the sides are painted in light gray. Refined and delicate, the marquetry checkerboard pattern enhances a touch of sophistication.