The Best Ways Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

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Modern Bathroom Vanities

For a more modern take, add some industrial style to your bathroom with a metal cabinet or two to create your bathroom vanity. Pick up a large mirrored bathroom vanity from a store or check out an old school item sale to buy some old short cabinets to create your bathroom storage space. If you prefer an open look, install open metal shelves in a style that suits your decor.

Convert a Dresser

If you have an old agency just around the basement, turn it into a mirrored bathroom vanity. Longer, short, waist-high kitchen cabinets tend to work best for a vanity conversion project, so your vanity is the right height for use in the end. You can update an old agency that has seen better days by grinding down the chest of drawers, applying wood filling any pitfalls and adding a new coat of paint or stain. New hardware can also go a long way to making an older cat look like a new vanity.

Build your own

To fill a small or unusual size space, build your own bathroom vanity from scratch. Use cabinet-plywood to make vanity, and then add a layer of paint or bets to get the look you want. For a more detailed look, add pieces of the list in a style you love to doors or fringes. Install drawer pulls and manages last to complete appearance.

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