Vanity Set With Lighted Mirror Ideas

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Vanity Set With Lighted Best Design

Vanity set with lighted mirror – There are numerous idea styles and designs to fit virtually any bathroom theme. You do not have to settle for the traditional vanity light system that was installed in your home. Learning how to change a light vanity can save you money, since you do not need to hire an electrician for this project moderately flexible home improvement bathroom.

Ideas for change a light Vanity, disconnect the power supply to the existing toilet light. Go to the fuse box in your home, look for the room switch with the vanity light and turn the switch to the off position. Plug an alternative light source into an extension cord. Take the alternative light source to the bathroom with vanity light.

Remove the light bulbs on the vanity. Unscrew the vanity light assembly and the accessory with the screwdriver. Remove the cable nuts from the wiring and unscrew the cables from the assembly and fastening. Set the mounting parts and side devices. Attach any mounting hardware that is included with the new toilet lamp, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Locate the hot wire on the wall and on the light fixture. This cable should be red or black. Keep the hot wire from the wall next to the hot wire of the lamp.

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