Vanity Table With Mirror Decor Ideas

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Vanity Table With Mirror Design

Vanity table with mirror are traditionally placed in bedrooms and bathrooms, in which they are both practical and decorative. People sit at the dressing tables, which have built-in mirrors, while applying make-up, styling or handling other tasks related to beauty, such as nail painting and eyebrow plucking. Dressers are available in a wide range of materials, such as wrought iron, wicker and acrylic. Traditional wooden toilets will give a space a vintage inspired style, when decorated with antiques and other charming objects.

Place a piece of vintage cloth or a handkerchief on the top of the dressing table and bench, which will add interest while protecting the surface. Choose a fabric made from a machine washable fabric, such as cotton, in case the makeup or lotion drops on it. Choose a cloth with one with a feminine color like a floral print design for a lovely pastel pink or lavender look.

Place the striking perfume jars, such as the cut glass versions, on a tray and put it on the table. Choose a silver or gold tray that offers a mirror base for an elegant style. Place essential beauty items, such as cotton swabs and balls, pliers and combs in vintage glass pots as a practical and decorative touch. Choose hand-painted ceramic containers instead of giving the space an artistic touch.

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