What Types of Wood Furniture Glaze? Read On!

Oct 21st

Furniture glaze – Wood is one of most common materials in homes and is generally used in furniture. Although it is a fairly resistant element, over time requires a series of care to maintain its good appearance. For this purpose, enamels for wood are born, products whose main objective is to improve aesthetics of wooden furniture and provide them with an extra dose of protection. What types of wood enamels exist and what are their uses? Enamels are very widespread products in world of painting and can be used not only on wood, but also for metals, tiles, radiators, etc. Enamels have a number of advantages over conventional paints and that is to create a film on surface much more resistant and durable. However, they cannot be used for painting walls, facades or similar surfaces.

Wooden Furniture Glaze

In broad strokes can be divided between two types of enamels

Enamels to water: they are those that are diluted with water. They are characterized by having a fast drying and by little odor that they give off, but they have a disadvantage that they are less resistant than synthetic enamels. Synthetic enamels: these are products that are formulated with alkyd resins that give them greater flexibility, as well as resistance to shock, friction, etc. They take a little longer to dry than glazes to water and are suitable for painting furniture with enough use. Within this category are also polyurethane enamels that are especially suitable for objects and furniture that is out in open. Both water-based and synthetic enamels can be found in several finishes, most common being matte, satin and glossy.

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How to apply enamel for wood?

As with any paint product, before painting surface it is essential to prepare it. In case of wood glazes this step is basic to obtain a good result. First you have to sand all furniture or surface to be painted. Then remove dust, clean with a damp cloth and, finally, dry. Second, to apply a primer on surface to improve adhesion of this. After drying primer, first coat of paint can be applied. At this point it is advisable to read carefully indications of product, since each one has its own characteristics. However, it is advisable to dilute product slightly to favor its adhesion. After that, product must be allowed to dry for indicated time. And, after that, to give a second pass of enamel to reinforce finish. As we have said, these are general steps, but we must pay special attention to product instructions to adapt steps to them.